“I’m always looking to challenge myself and learn new things. That’s one reason I enjoy working in Digital Marketing; I’ve learned great online marketing skills, Social Media marketing skills, SEO, SEM, etc.

It’s been a great choice for me! As a Digital Marketer, I get to shape how the internet is progressing and how it’s help companies to reach more people easily, and that’s exciting to me.

It was the year 2013 when I got involved with a marketing job. Besides, I was studying BBA in marketing. The job was at the field level of marketing,  it was a sales promotion officer job. 

But honestly, I learned a lot from that 6-month job. Dealing with new peoples, retailers and making them buy over and over again while they have your products already and you want to motivate them to buy your products again after a week. It is a really tough job.

Well, I was good with that role so when I decided to leave that job my supervisor offered me an increment of my salary but I had to leave for my study. 

After completing my graduation I started freelancing in digital marketing as well as working for an advertising company, named Pankouri Tech. 

But I wasn’t satisfied with my knowledge so I took a diploma in advanced digital marketing from a training center.

Now I am having my MBA in marketing. As well as working as a full-time Digital Marketer, graphic designer, and content writer.

Graphics designing is kinda my hobby, I love to design, but writing is something that gives me more pleasure. People say I am a unique content writer, but honestly, I just write I don’t think too much to write. Oh yeah, research and preparation are different things. I didn’t mean that I didn’t research.

That’s for today if you want to see my portfolio please visit my portfolio page, click here.