How to do Social Media Marketing 2023

Honestly, it’s not an easy topic to explain in a single article. But I will try to give you a clear concept idea in this article about how to do social media marketing and where to start. Let’s jump into it. First, understand how it works with an imaginary example. Suppose you send two salespeople to sell a product in two different locations, One went to an office, one to a park.  You can imagine for yourself who can sell the product well. Of course, the guy who went to the park. The reason behind this is very simple, people working in the office will be busy, they will not give the sales staff that much importance, in which case if the product is not very attractive, then no sale is possible.  But when those people are in the park, their human condition will be in a trance. At that time, when someone presents a product well in front of them, they will show interest to know about the product. Think of social media as a park, where users spend most of their leisure time, using it to stay connected with friends, and family.  Some even use it to know information and to have fun. Now you can represent your product in front of them while they are having fun in the park(social media), and you will have an effective result.

How to do social media marketing and where to start

Many businesses start social media marketing by opening a business page and keep posting about their products. Maybe They got some followers on that page like their family, relatives, and friends. After someday they just find out all of their toils couldn’t make a sale or create a real customer. The problem was they really don’t know how to do social media marketing properly. Creating a social media account and keep posting about the products is not marketing. From creating accounts to advertising and consumer repurchasing, everything single thing related to social media marketing.

Have a strategic plan

Without proper planning, nothing is achievable perfectly, easily, or satisfactorily. In a strategic plan, there are some things that must be met.
  • Set goal
  • Analyze market
  • Know competitors
  • Find product USP
  • Examine current efforts

Know your customers

You know your products, it’s time to know your customers too. Where are they? What do they do? When they are available? And try to find out the customer’s persona. You can read this post to know 5 Techniques to Help You Truly Understand Your Customers by Neil Patel.

Choose the right platform for your social media marketing

There are many social media platforms. You have to choose the platforms carefully for your business, and analyze which platform is using your real future customers. Every social media has billions of users, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Etc. How to choose the right social media platforms for your business depends on your products, your service, and the type of your business too. See if your business is a B2B company, you should choose LinkedIn, not Facebook or Instagram. Cause Linkedin has professional people and business profiles.

Make it professional, If you want to do effective social media marketing

Social media profiles represent your business visuality. So it should look professional. Should have a professional profile picture, and cover. You can use your business logo on it. Fill out your business information completely. Have some relative posts.

Reach out to your future customers

You do a post but nobody sees that post, Even if you get some viewers but not from who could be turned into a sale. it’s like a waste of time. You can take some steps to increase followers, like
  • Don’t always post about your products. Share some valuable information.
  • Sometimes post something funny, something like grabs people’s eye and makes them joyful. Like meme pic,
  • Show them you care about their opinions.
  • Global status: a post about Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Regular post.


This is a big part of social media marketing, you need to reply to every comment of them, every question they ask, like proactive. One important thing is, sometimes people complain in the comment section, some businesses do not care about those comments, and they don’t even reply to those comments. This is not good. New visitors notice those complaints. if there is no reply it gives a negative impression on them.
Give away
The giving away technique always works. Gift vouchers, discounts, and other valuable things can be given away to get customers’ attention.
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Generate new leads
  • To Increase brand visibility
  • Promotions
  • Reach a lot of audiences
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Let customers know your Offers
  • New product available announcement
Lot of things you can do by advertising. Well, social media has billions of users. You can’t have them as a follower of your page or accounts. but you can reach your target potential customers by advertising and increasing sales. End of this article I will share some tips for advertising.
Make them give feedback on your service
You can ask your customers for feedback if they like your service and can offer something in return for their feedback. If you offer something for feedback customers will give it a try for the offer.
Build a strong relationship and make them repurchase
Flexibility, friendliness, advisory, a lot of things you can do to keep a good relationship with the buyers. So that they buy your products again and again and ignore your competitors.

Advertising Tips for How to Do Social Media Marketing

  • For big-budget advertising always do A/B test campaigns.
  • Optimize the audience
  • Create the ad professionally.
  • Use your USP in ads
  • Offer something valuable to your audience
  • Make eyecatcher caption
  • Use clear and related images
  • Videos work better.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Schedule ad time based on the target audience.

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