Unique Selling Point examples

Before we see some popular company’s unique selling point examples let’s understand the Definition:

Well when we talk about USP or uniques selling proposition the clear meaning of it you can understand by looking at its First word, “unique”

That means it’s something, not in common. So we can say that a unique side of a product or service that makes a difference from all the other same products or services that is the Unique selling point of that product or service, Something no one else offers in the market.

Unique selling point examples

Suppose X, Y, and Z are these three company sales bags Three of them are good with their products.  ‘Y’ company ensures the value of their bag is long-lasting and strong. Z company also tries to go with the trend, that’s they always bring trendy bags to the market. 

See y and z companies have a unique side to their product and that is their USP. And in this competition x company got down itself by not having or not writing a USP although they provide quality products but they couldn’t attract or motivate their customer. 

Ow! one thing, USP is not an extra value you add with your products, sometimes a company’s friendliness can be their USP. Sometimes letting the customer feel that they are the owners of the company can be the company’s USP. Even price, convenience, availability, and quality can be too.

some popular companies’ Unique Selling Point examples:

Apple: What makes a different Apple than its other competitors? Yeah, it’s their premium looks and their new inventions.

Samsung: obviously their price range. They provide good products with less money than others.

Nokia: Simplicity and build quality.

Now see smartphone companies and how USP makes different each one of them from others. Three of them have a unique side and it falls on their customers, obviously, these are based on customer differences.

Macdonald: specialized in Hamburgers

KFC: Better Tasting Chicken

“You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free,” I think you all heard this. It is from Dominos pizza. On-time delivery is their USP.

Dropbox: “Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and never lose a file again.”

In harmony with time and with the offer to solve new problems constantly, always need to point out and explain your differences.

Importance of Unique Selling Point:

USP is a valuable hand for marketing. Let it help you with better marketing strategies

as we imagined before the Y company’s USP is long-lasting and strong. So If they advertise and can attract proper attention to their potential customer by USP,

(Just an example) Of those customers who do travel a lot, 90% of them will turn into real buyers for Y companies, cause travelers used to buy long-lasting strong bags with good looks. Obviously quality is mandatory.

And for Z company their USP is ‘Trend’, right?

If they highlight their USP People will understand their uniqueness, that is they always follow the trend. So people like to follow the trend they will move to or will show interest in Z companies. And that is the key point in getting a place in the customer’s mind. 

So it’s easy to realize how important it is. USP  has something that lets your customers buy your product again and again and ignore your competitors. Your products have a USP but If you don’t communicate with your prospects with marketing,  It won’t give you benefits. Always explain in front of your customers what solution your product has for their problem that no other competitors can do.

How to write USP:

Writing USP also likes finding a potential customer. You need to find some questions to answer. like,

  1. Who can buy this product?
  2. Why will they buy it?
  3. Who needs this product.
  4. And their age, their habits, their location, etc.

Next, find the competitors and analyze these questions:

  • Who are they?
  • What is their USP?
  • What are its advantages? And analyzing their product.
  • After that, you need to find out why your competitor customers move to your products?

What unique side of your products has that your customers feel needed? And how they want. What a problem they are facing and what solution you can offer them.

If you find the unique side that makes a difference in your product than your competitors. Test and refine it. Better to have a focus group to analyze the result.

Now write it. USP is not limited to one or two lines. But If you can explain it in one or two lines that are even better. Some people are confused about USP with the Company’s Tag line. USP can be used as a tagline but the tagline is not a USP.

Personal unique selling proposition examples:

Does a person have a unique selling proposition?

The answer is ‘Yes’. we know everyone is different but it is not like that.

Suppose you went to an interview, there are 10 other candidates like you who are experienced.

Now here comes USP. What unique side do you have that makes you different from them and will attract the interviewer?

Even if you want to drop a CV for a position. you should make highlight your unique side.

Make it like the employer can see benefits from you more than others.

Personal USP can be someone’s Workstyle, Quality of work, Skills, Calmness, Handling situations, etc.

Every successful company has a Unique Selling Point. For new companies, they must have a USP. Because now the business has so much competition. A service or product has thousands of providers. While online marketing or traditional marketing always needs to show and pick up Unique Selling Point in front of the target audience. 

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